An Image showing What is a Logline
What Is a Logline: 6 Steps on How to Write Better Loglines
Despite the fact that the process of writing loglines is cumbersome and a little bit involving, learning how to write one is a skill that you need to have in your arsenal as a filmmaker or a screenplay...
An image showing What is Rotoscoping Ultimate Guide to Rotoscoping in After Effects
What is Rotoscoping? Ultimate Guide to Rotoscoping in After Effects
Have you ever been in a situation where you want to remove or extract a moving object from a shot? Each and every way you try to extract them seems to fail terribly right? Well, this is where Rotoscoping...
Image showing the Definitive Guide to what is ADR in Film
What is ADR in Film? The Definitive Guide (2023)
The impact of ADR on the quality of your film can be tremendous without a doubt. This is only possible if you do it correctly, in fact, if you don’t conduct the whole process well, people after watching...