The Best Film App 2023: 10 Must have Apps for Filmmakers

This post will provide you with the ultimate list of film apps that you may not know exists as a creator or filmmaker. But before we do that, let’s first understand…

What is a Film App?

This is a software that bundles together certain filmmaking features in a way that is accessible to a user.
Some film apps are free while others are paid or both.


The first film app we’re going to look at is known as clapperboard. This app lets you slate before you do any take, so if you are shooting multiple scenes in a day with multiple cameras you can actually sync them all up with this one-hertz tone that’s going to generate when it does the clap.
What I really like about this particular app is that you have the ability to add and change details like the take number, shot number, and scene number, all you have to do is just type it in.
The app also comes with a feature that lets you state if there was the use of a LUT/ which picture profile you had to use during the shoot.
In the App, you also have the ability to change it to horizontal or landscape mode. This is a plus for you especially if you’re someone who creates content using different aspect ratios – in this case; 16: 9 (YouTube) and 9: 16 (Tik Tok).
The app also has its paid version but in my opinion; the free version will suffice for all your filmmaking needs.


The second app that you should be using if you’re an android user is protake. With the app, you can get 4k resolution at 96 megabits per second at 24 frames a second. The microphone settings on the app let you adjust its levels manually while at the same time connecting to an external microphone through Bluetooth.
It also has an exposure click that lets you expose the image manually with a zoom rocker that lets you change the focal length of your phone camera lens. (How cool is that!)
With the pro version that goes for around $ 10 only, the app will get you some awesome features like Manual focus, zebra focus peaking, and false colors, and to top it all up, you can download some cool filters.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush lets you edit the footage on your phone. With the advance in technology, some phones make it feel like you’re on a desktop environment with the app since they can process a 4k video perfectly.
What I really like about this app is the fact that you can completely sync it to your adobe cloud.
An Image showing Film App


This film app allows you to create boards to organize your projects. The app in a way is pretty limited but it’s on the desktop version of it that you get a lot of room to do a lot of things like templates for storyboards, pre-production plans and so much more.
Milanote gives you the chance to invite team members so you can assign tasks and give feedback. The mobile app is more of a way to check your boards and make small adjustments.

 Sun Locator Lite

Sun locator lite for android allows you to see where the sun and even the moon are going to be at any given time during your shooting location. This is something very important that you want to know before you go out there to shoot so you can make your plans and storyboard accordingly.
The pro version of the app allows you to check out the height of the sun on any given day as well as the moon cycles and there’s a terrain view allowing you to see the shadows cast by the sun.

Shot designer

This app allows you to easily create schemes for a scene that you want to shoot you can place multiple cameras in your scene as well as different characters. They also have a library of different lights and that’s why I love the app.
Whenever I have a bigger project I like to sketch out my scenes so that I can think about the different shots and how the lighting should be. This is usually helpful when working with a team. Explaining your ideas and concepts becomes seamless and a lot faster since there is the aid of diagrams.

Shot Lister

This is a film app available on IOS and Android but is not free. The features in their subscription are incredible for keeping you on schedule, sharing your schedule with your crew, loading storyboards, and much more. During your shoots, you can simply put in our talent’s names and punch in your schedule and it really helps keep you in order.
This App allows you to mark your best takes and if you do get behind schedule, it shows you how much time you’re behind. As you check things off it does all the math for you and will tell you exactly how much time you have for that particular day.


This app allows you to quickly visualize what a location will look like with a variety of different cameras and lenses. They are always updating this list. And so if you’re shooting with a newer camera like the Sony FX6 or A7S3, for example, you will most likely find it there.
It’s the perfect tool to have with you on a location scout. It’s also really handy to use on set when you want to switch and find a new position without actually having to move your camera. The downside of this app is that it is only available on IOS.

Google Maps and Streetview

As basic as it may sound Google maps and street view app during pre-production provides you with the ability to visually see how a location will look from ground level or estimate how long it will take to travel to set. Simple things like this are invaluable. The best thing, of course, is that they are both free.


Chroma screen is ideal if you need to do a phone replacement. You can switch between green or blue and it does offer some premium features as well. There is also a focus chart, which, as the name suggests, is a focus chart.


All these film apps serve the same purpose: to improve and make your filmmaking endeavors better.
We all have different filmmaking goals and we’re at different stages in our journey. It is my hope that you’re going to sift through all these wonderful film apps and get what works for you depending on your needs.
It is also my hope that this post was helpful to you. If it was, it would really mean a lot to me if you were to share this article with your filmmaking friends. Before you leave these are my other articles!

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