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How Much Does a Screenplay Cost? $3K-$10K+ Rates for 2022 Script Writing

If you have a great idea for a movie, the first and most essential step is to get the story and concept translated into an engaging, well-crafted screenplay. However, aspiring producers often wonder how much they need to budget for professional screenwriting services.

In this article, we’ll break down the cost of getting your film script written based on factors like length, writer experience level, what you provide upfront, and more.

Read on for an inside look at screenplay writing rates and how much you can expect to invest for everything from polished studio-ready features to early concept drafts.

Why Invest in a Professionally Written Screenplay?

Before we dive into pricing specifics, it’s worth covering why securing a professionally written screenplay is worth the investment.

With studios receiving piles of script submissions and having limited windows to decide which projects to greenlight, the writing has to leap off the page to stand out.

Having a script written with truly memorable characters, compelling dialogue, and a well-structured storyline can be the difference between selling your movie idea or getting lost in the rejection pile. Other key reasons to invest in quality script writing include:

Critical for Getting Hollywood Decision Makers to Take Your Film Seriously – A poorly executed script full of amateur mistakes is an almost certain path to getting dismissed, unread past page three. A tight, professionally polished screenplay shows funders and studios that your concept has legitimate potential.

Determines Budget and Production Quality – The screenplay sets parameters for how much it will cost to produce your movie and the technical quality it can achieve. From character actor salaries to location and scene counts, the writing lays the groundwork for all key decisions.

Well-written scripts Increase Odds of Getting Made – Thousands of screenplays get registered each year, but less than 5% will ever make it to live screens. Starting with a well-crafted script that delivers on-premise exponentially increases your odds over DIY attempts.

Investing in quality screenwriting from the start gives your concept a crucial competitive edge as you pitch studios, approach investors, and apply for production grants. But what exactly does “quality screenwriting” cost in real numbers?

Cost Ranges for Screenplay Writing Services

Professional writers offer everything from polished studio-ready shoots to rough first drafts. Here are typical rates writers charge for common scriptwriting services:

Spec Screenplays – $3,000 to $5,000+ for Indie Production

“Spec scripts” or speculative screenplays are written of the writer’s own volition, without commission, in hopes of selling the finished story to studios and production companies.

Rates to have an experienced screenwriter develop and write a feature-length spec script typically start around $3,000 on the low end, ranging up to $5,000 or more for writers with credits and experience getting indie films made.

Screenwriting Assignment Commissions – $5,000 to $10,000+

Assignment writing refers to scripts written based on a producer or studio hiring and paying a writer for a particular concept or rewrite.

Without waiting to sell it after the fact, assignment writing guarantees the rights to whatever is produced under the commissioned agreement.

Established screenwriters often charge $10,000+ for assignment commissions from major studios and production companies. Emerging writers may start closer to $5,000 or lower depending on script length.

Script Rewrites and Polishing – $2,000+ Per Phase

Few scripts make it to production exactly as originally written. The development process almost always involves rewrites, polishing dialogue, and tweaking characters and scenes to maximize strengths.

Depending on the amount of changes needed, professional script doctors typically charge around $2,000+ per rewrite phase for feature screenplays. Short films and web series often start around $1,000+.

Script Adaptations – $10,000+ For Books

Adapting existing source material like bestselling novels, stage productions, and even podcasts into scripts involves additional work beyond just writing.

Adaptations require skills like understanding plot and thematic intent, clearing legal rights, and structuring the existing story in film acts.

For these reasons, seasoned adapters tend to charge premium rates starting at $10,000+ for full-length book adaptations. Life story rights often cost extra.

Main Factors Impacting Screenplay Writing Costs

While those numbers give ballpark figures, the exact rates that screenwriters charge can vary more widely based on elements like:

Writer’s Background and Track Record – Are they fresh newcomers or proven hitmakers?

A writer just starting out looking to build a portfolio has more incentive to work for lower rates than bigger names. Similarly, a writer who has delivered multiple profitable films can command top dollar from studios.

Script Length and Production Scale – Budget Features vs Short Films

Writing an acclaimed Sundance dramatic feature tends to pay better than churning out children’s webisodes (but every great career starts small!) Length translates directly to cost at all levels.

Original Stories vs. Adaptations – Is it based on underlying work?

Creating fully original scripts from scratch takes different skills than adapting a bestselling fantasy novel or comic book series, and rates adapt accordingly. Existing fan bases reduce marketing costs.

Speed of Delivery – Do you need it next month or next year?

Rushing projects cost more at every level. Allowing flexible writing windows helps lower rates. Slow and steady wins the scriptwriting race.

How to Reduce Screenwriting Costs

Especially for first-time producers, investing thousands upfront before you have a finished script in hand can seem daunting. Here are tips to reduce costs while still getting professional-quality writing:

  • Write a Detailed Story Treatment – Having a 10-20 page summary and character arcs developed shows writers the vision rather than starting blind.
  • Be Flexible on Delivery Timetables – Scripts written on rigid deadlines often cost more and sacrifice quality. Build padding into pre-production schedules.
  • Work With Emerging Writers – Check reputable MFA programs and referrals to find undiscovered talent willing to write for experience, rather than hefty paychecks alone.

Getting funding for those first major projects almost always involves some leap of faith and bootstrapping. But resist any urge to cut vital corners by having your smart roommate write your psychological thriller for pizza or seeking spec work.

Investing in genuinely skilled screenwriters, even if not A-list household names, pays tangible dividends in the credibility and cohesion of your eventual film – not to mention much less stress during shooting!

The Key Takeaway – How Much Does a Screenplay Cost on Average?

So what’s the bottom line? While rates fluctuate based on specific project needs, on average expect to invest:

● $3,000 to $5,000+ for spec feature-length scripts written on speculation

● $5,000+ for original commissions and studio assignments

● $2,000+ per phase for rewrites and polishing existing scripts

● $10,000+ for full-length adaptations from books, articles, etc.

Remember that securing a legitimately well-crafted, enticing script lays the entire foundation for successfully financing, shooting, distributing, and hopefully profiting from your film.

Invest in experienced, quality writing talent from the start to give your movie concept the absolute best shot at standing out from the competition and getting made.

Options for Financing Your Script Development

Securing financing for those vital first screenwriting costs requires creativity and commitment. Outside of paying out of pocket, common ways producers cover script writing fees include:

  • Hosting Crowdfunding Campaigns – Reach out to your audience and fan base by sharing your movie concept and writing needs. Offer enticing perks.
  • Applying for Arts Grants – Government and private arts foundations exist to support filmmakers and screenwriters pursuing their creative dreams.
  • Entering Contests and Fellowships – Placement and prizes often come with monetary benefits to offset writing costs.

Every director from Spielberg to Tarantino banked on risky ideas that defied conventions. Bring your unique movies to life by first investing in everything needed to translate your visions onto compelling, readable pages.

The script is only the starting line. But it’s often the hardest step for first-time filmmakers to get traction on. Don’t let that crucial phase become a roadblock by trying to cut corners. Lean on crowdfunding or outside jobs in the short run so quality writing can unlock longer-term funding sources.

Securing the perfect script sets the trajectory for getting your cinematic dreams financed, shot and someday seen by eager audiences far and wide. Take that vital first step and get in touch to discuss getting a custom quote for making your film script concepts a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do screenplays usually sell for?

Screenplays can sell for hugely varying amounts, but for new writers selling a spec script to an indie producer, between $5,000 to $25,000 is typical if optioned, more if purchased outright. Studio scripts or from established screenwriters can sell for millions.

How hard is it to get a screenplay sold?

Extremely difficult. By nature, the industry relies on tight networks and who you know. Only around 5% of registered spec scripts are ever optioned or bought. Compelling writing is just the start. Making the right connections via fellowships, comps, etc to get widely read is key.

How much do Netflix pay for a screenplay?

While amounts aren’t disclosed, reports indicate Netflix pays in the 6-figures range ($200k+) for movie-quality streaming content scripts purchased outright. They also heavily rely on options and may pay less upfront if the project is commissioned directly for their platform.

How much should I pay a screenwriter?

Typical rates for experienced screenwriters run from $3,000-$10,000+ for spec scripts, to more if commissioned for assignment by a studio. Figure $2,000+ per phase for rewrites and script polishing. Adaptations often exceed $10k.

Do screenwriters make millions?

While Angelina Jolie and Aaron Sorkin pull in millions per script, that is very rare air. Most working but mid-level screenwriters make respectable incomes from $60-150k/year, while struggling newcomers may barely break $20k/year from writing. Steady-paying work is competitive.

Do screenwriters get royalties?

Yes, contracted screenwriters receive residual royalty payments when movies and shows enter secondary distribution channels like streaming video or syndication reruns. But to qualify and participate you must be an accredited member of protective writing guilds like WGA first.

What screenplays sell the most?

Smaller contained thrillers and contained genre/horror films tend to sell most spec scripts since they are cheaper, quicker films for indie producers to actually make. Quiet relationship dramas, and sweeping period epics don’t attract buyers as easily.

How do I sell my first screenplay?

Start by putting your absolute best writing forward. Seek trusted script coverage services for constructive feedback. Then take advantage of every fellowship, grant, competition, connection through writing programs, etc to get it read by agencies, producers ultimately looking to greenlight movies vs added inventory.

How much does it cost to copyright a screenplay?

You can register an original screenplay with the U.S. Copyright Office for $65 to establish legal ownership rights. Defensively register BEFORE widely sharing it. Technically copyright automatically applies to written works but registration helps reinforce protections.

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